How To Introduce a New Dog From Shelter Into Their Home

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Bringing a new dog to the family can be an exciting time not just for us humans, but for the dog as well. Getting them home is not as easy as showing them where you live and where they'll stay. You need to take a bit of planning and think about how you'll introduce your new pup to his new home. The first thing you need to do is to puppy-proof your home and gathering the necessary supplies such as a water bowl, crate, food, toys, cleaning products, dog collar, etc. You'll also need to think about how you'll acclimate your put the moment he steps in through your front door.

Follow these steps to ensure the transition from dog shelter to your home will go smoothly for you and your pet.

After picking your dog from the shelter, bring him straight home. Do not run errands along the way. If he's just a puppy, there's a chance that this will be his first car ride so make it as short as possible.

Do not have a welcoming committee to your dog's first day in his new home as it might overwhelm them. Do not surround the dog as well. Instead, introduce your family members outside one at a time. Allow them to sniff your families and initiate interaction whenever possible.

When you've introduced your family members to your pet. It's time to bring them inside the house. Put them on a leash and allow him to sniff any part of the house. Do not let your family members crowd the dog.

Now that he's familiar with your home, it's time to introduce your pet to their safe places such as a crate or playpen with a dog bed and toys. This space should be in the room where you want your pet to sleep.

Take your pet outside as often as you can on his first few days. You may want to start house training your new dog immediately. The new environment may throw him off in which accidents during the first few days are normal until you've fully trained them.

Keep your pet close to home during the first few weeks to let them be acclimated to their new home. Observe how they react to various situations. Walk him around the perimeter of your home daily so he understands his limits and be familiar with them.

Set rules from the moment they step into your home and stick to it. Decide which room he should be allowed in, where and when he will be fed, and what furniture is allowed. Stay consistent so you won't confuse your pet.

If you've gone through these steps, you have informed them who's the boss and established who he'll need to follow. 

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