Do You Have a Spoiled Dog?These 5 Signs Show That You Are Spoiling Them


Dogs are our best companions, our best friends, and a big part of our family. However, that doesn't mean that we need to spoil them.

It can be difficult not to spoil your dog - just look at how adorable they are. But there is a point where you need to stop and set boundaries for yourself and your pet.

If you pamper your dog too much, things will take a turn for the worse and you'll have to deal with a high maintenance pup in the future. Moreover, the older your dog gets, the more it will be difficult to correct their habits and behaviors.

Signs You Are Spoiling Your Dog

Your Dog Prefers Human Food

Dogs love food and we love how they react when we give them their favorite treats or worse a slice of human food. This is a common mistake most dog owners make as feeding them dog scraps directly from our table is not only rewarding their begins, but you are giving them foods that they shouldn't be eating.

You Always Hand Out Treats

According to PreventiveVet, treats should make up no more than 10 percent of your dog's daily calorie intake. Giving them treats whenever they ask for one could result in obesity. Overweight dogs are more prone to develop health conditions, tumors, and arthritis.

They Have More Clothes Than Your Kids

Yes, summer and winter clothes are a must-have in their wardrobe, as are Halloween costumes, because they look good in them. But if your dog's wardrobe is taking up a lot of closet space, maybe it's time to put a hold on buying them new clothes.

You Carry Them As Soon As They Are Tired

Small dog owners are guilty of this. Whenever they see signs of fatigue, they quickly pick their dogs up. Walking and running are necessary exercises for them and it is a good thing for them to get tired from time to time.

You Constantly Excuse Their Bad Behavior

Dogs repeat behaviors that they'll know will earn them rewards. Therefore, if your dog jumps on people when he's excited to see them and you keep ignoring this behavior, you are essentially encouraging them and he'll keep doing it until you discipline your pet. You should teach them the difference between good and bad behavior.

They Can Never Be Without You

Spending a lot of time with your pet makes them happy and secure. However, it can trigger separation anxiety in your pet later on. Secure and happy dogs have a sense of independence and will know how to exist even when you're not around.

You Splurge on Bigger Mattress to Accommodate Your Dog

Buying a bigger mattress so that your dog can sleep with you might not be a good idea. This habit may disturb your sleep when they are having a hard time sleeping on their kennel or bed. If they wake up whenever you move it might affect their quality of sleep which can later affect their immune system.

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