6 Ways to Protect Your Sofa from Pets

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We all love and adore our pets, but sometimes their energy can be way too much that they end up ruining our furniture, particularly our sofas. Most cats see them as a huge scratching post, and some dogs see them as chew toys. This makes it difficult to keep our furniture in pristine condition, which can often be heartbreaking since getting a nice sofa for our wonderful home is not that cheap.

Below are some tips to make sure your sofa stays in perfect condition:

Put Pet Toys Next to Your Sofa

This is the most common "hack" to prevent pets from ruining your sofa by biting the legs of your sofa or use the sides as a scratching post. When you put chew toys or scratching post near your sofa, they will use them to relax and play instead of them using your couch.

Putting toys that they'll have more interest in playing with instead of your couch can be a bit of trial and error. Before buying one, make sure to analyze your pet and identify what type of behavior they have. Do they prefer biting or scratching on surfaces? Buy a toy appropriate to your pet's behavior.

Close The Door of Your Living Room

If you're not home most of the time, this would be a perfect tip for you because we cannot control what our pet is doing when we're not home. Just by closing the door to your living room, you'll keep pets from damaging your sofa. If that's not possible, you can keep them in a room of their own.

Give Them Plenty of Exercises

Take your pet out for a walk, take them to the park. Keeping them active will not only improve their physical fitness but keep them relaxed when they come home. One of the reasons pets enjoy munching or scratching on your couch is that they are lacking the needed stimuli. And if they're stuck at home, they need something to take on - which in your case is your home furniture.

If you don't have time to take them out, you can always hire a dog walker or take them to an animal daycare center. The cost of these is nothing compared to replacing your entire furniture.

Spray Air Freshener on Your Couch

This tip is a cheap and cost-effective solution to keep pets away from your sofa. Not only that it keeps the sofa from smelling good, but also pets don't like the smell of citrus.

Get a Pet Bed

One way to prevent your pets from damaging the sofa is to buy a pet bed and teach them how to use it instead of the couch. Pet beds are great for dispersal as it is located on the same place.

Get Pet-Friendly Cover

Pet-friendly sofa covers are the best way to protect your sofa from pets. These are the sofa's first layer of protection. It will take most of the scratches, stains, or any other damage while at the same time keeping your sofa in pristine condition.

Luxe Pets Products offer durable, and great-looking pet sofa covers. Our luxury line of sofa covers is not just about the looks as it is durable enough to resist claws and teeth. It is also waterproof to make sure its liquids won't seep out of the covers and into your couch. There are a variety of colors to choose from, but we recommend getting one that matches your pet's fur or at least in contrast with it so that the furs are barely visible on your couch. 

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