How to Groom Your Dog at Home

Good hygiene habits are important for a healthy dog and maintaining proper oral hygiene is not that hard in pets. They don't need daily hygiene and grooming habits unlike humans as all they need is for you to be consistent on how often you are grooming them. How often they need to be groomed depends on the length, texture, and density of the dog's coat. It also varies in the breed of the dog.


Professional dog groomers, veterinarians, veterinary technicians are trained in dog grooming so you can be sure that your pup is in good hands. But it is certainly useful that you learn a thing or two about grooming your pet.


The Importance of Grooming Your Dog

Grooming your dog is important to ensure they stay clean, comfortable, and healthy. All they need is trimming their coats, clipping their nails, and cleaning around the eyes to remove dirt, dandruff, and dead hair skin.


Every dog breed has different needs when it comes to how to groom them and how frequently you need to do it so it is important that you do your research about your dog first. Your dog groomer or vet will give you some information on how to regularly groom your dog and any necessary information that you need to know about your dog's breed.


5 Easy Steps to Grooming Your Dog at Home


You can groom anywhere, but choose a place where your dog can't slip to make the experience for you and your pet as stress-free as possible. Here are easy-to-follow steps in grooming your furry friend.


Prepare the needed supplies


Gather all the needed supplies so that it is easily accessible during your grooming session. This can also help reduce the time required to finish the job and helps your dog to stay calm.

Here are the basic supplies you need: 

  1. Dog brushes and combs
  2. Nail trimmers
  3. Dog shampoo
  4. Ear cleansers
  5. Hair clippers


Choose a location

Decide whether a bathtub, sink, or shower will be the best place to bathe your dog. The location is important for you and your dog's comfort. Small breeds can easily get groomed in a laundry room or bathroom as all you need is a small table or grooming table. For larger breeds, it is best to work in places with lots of space.


Bathe Your Dog

make sure the water temperature is lukewarm before you place your dog in the tub, shower, or sink. A handheld shower or sprayer can help clean your pet thoroughly. If you don't have a shower or sprayer, a large plastic cup will do.


Your dog's coat should be thoroughly soaked with water before you apply shampoo. It is best to use a shampoo that contains natural products and does not have artificial colors or fragrances.


Lather the shampoo well and massage into the coat starting at the top of the head, chest, tail, underbelly, and feet. Leave the shampoo for five to ten minutes. Use a washcloth to clean the muzzle or sensitive areas around the eyes. Rinse well. but avoid getting too much water in your dog's face or inside their ears.


Dry and Groom

Comb out your dog's hair and blow it dry. Pay attention the hair behind the ears as mats tend to form when your dog isn't dried well. If your dog needs a clip, make sure to follow the natural outline or a previous grooming cut.


Brush Your Dog's Coat

Brushing helps get rid of the dirt and excess fur which means less shedding around the house. Brushing helps prevent painful hair mats, and removes oil and debris. It also distributes your pet's natural coat which keeps the coat and skin healthy. Gently clean the inside of your dog's ears with little mineral oil or a paper towel.

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