5 Benefits of Training Your Dog

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A well-trained dog is beneficial for both the dog and its owner. This is because trained dogs require fewer restrictions. The more reliable your pet is, the more he has freedom.

But sadly, not all dog owners train their pets. According to

American Pet Product Association National Pet Owners Survey,  around 4 percent of dogs in the U.S. take a training class. This means that as many as around 62 million dogs have never taken classes with their dogs.

What made you want to own a dog? Maybe you were inspired to own one because you saw the bond of dogs and owners on TV/Movies and would like to experience that as well. But it's not that easy because dogs are like children in the sense that they require patience, good direction, and be consistent to shape them into the dog that you want them to be.

Why Your Dog Needs Training

One of the reasons your dog needs training is that it plays a crucial role in your dog's development and ability to safely interact with the world around them. An untrained pet can result in anything from frustration and annoyance on the part of the owner to injury or death to your dog.

Below are other benefits of training your pet.

It is safer for your home.

When your dog is trained, your home is a lot safer from your pet. A trained dog knows what is acceptable and what is not in your home. They will behave properly to your home and the rest of your family members. You'll save a lot on the cost of repairs and replacements of your appliances and furniture.

It is easier when you take them out in public

When taking your dog out in public, you should be the one walking your pet not the other way around. However, most of the time we see dog owners being dragged by their dogs and this doesn't instill confidence in the owner and passers-by. By training your pet you help them develop confidence around humans and fellow dogs which makes it an enjoyable experience for you and your pet.

It is easier for your vet to work with your pet

Veterinarians cannot risk their safety and the safety of their staff when attempting to treat an untrained dog.

You build lasting relationships with your dog

When you're training your pet, you are establishing a connection to them. As you spend more time together, sharing experiences and learning to understand each other, you'll develop mutual respect. Your dog will respect and trust your judgment and you'll be more confident about their abilities as well.

When it comes to training your dog, your pet is not the only one reaping the rewards. You help understand their needs better and make you an even better owner. It can also be a great source of exercise and can open up new possibilities. When your dog is well-behaved, you can take them wherever you go.

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