7 Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Making your dog happy is not that hard since dogs are already happy animals. But that doesn't mean you cannot make them happier. Below are 10 tips to make your dog happy.


Get Them Plenty of Exercises

Their exercise can be anywhere from their daily walks, agility training, playing outside, or anything that can keep them moving. When it comes to your pet's physical activities even the simplest activity can go a long way.


Make sure to keep the activities as interesting as possible by not sticking to one activity the entire time. Switch it up every once in a while.


Teach Your Dog Exciting New Tricks

Your dog's training doesn't end in teaching them to sit, stay, or lay down, nor does it have to be boring either. Teach them exciting new tricks such as:


  • Bow
  • Spin
  • Crawl
  • Play Dead
  • Shake hands
  • Bark on command


You can even go the extra mile like what this pet owner did. Her dog uses a communication pad which allows the dog and the owner to communicate with each other effectively.


Have Some Cuddle Time

Dogs love routine and if you spend some cuddle time with them during your TV time, they will love it. But don't forget the routine as your dog will feel sad if you missed it. Cuddling with your dog is a nice way to relax and settle down at the end of the day.


Let Them Play On Their Toys

Let your dog play with their toys and have fun with them. By having fun we mean that we allow them to play with it until to a point where it is no longer recognizable. Dogs will need to sharpen their animal instincts and playing with their toys up to the point of destruction can help that. Also, you may want to switch up their toys from time to time so they won't get bored.


Meet Their Nutritional Needs

A healthy dog is a happy dog. One way to ensure your pet is in optimal health is to introduce a daily supplement into their diet.


Don't Forget Routine Care

Routine care is one of the most important things we, pet parents, can do to our pets since our animals won't be able to talk to us directly when they have biological needs. Us humans need to feed them with the right foods, getting them healthy exercise, providing ample grooming, administering essential health needs, and scheduling regular visits to the vet.


Teach Your Dog to Relax

Some dogs do not know how to remain calm in certain environments and teaching them to relax can help reduce their reactivity, relieve stress, and a great way to help with your pet's impulse control.


How Do You Keep Your Dog Happy?

How do you keep your dog happy? Have you done any of the tips above? Do you let them destroy their toys? If you have other tips to make your dogs happy do let us know.

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