7 Ways to Make Your Dog Feel Happy This Christmas

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Christmas is an occasion of fun and merriment of your family - and that includes your lovable pet. However, it is also during this season that they are faced with a lot of dangers and stresses. If you want to make sure your dog is happy, read our guide to find out.

Keep them involved in the festivities

The holidays normally mean a change of setting. This means different activities, different people, different smell, sight, sound. It is this time of the year to create memories. So show your love to your best friend by including them in this joyous occasion.

Stick to your routine

We have a routine with our pet. We wake up at 6am, go for a walk, or play outside or any other routines we have with our pet. With the busy schedule of this season, your routine with your pet might get affected. With all the time spent cooking, entertaining guests, your pup may feel confused or neglected. However, if you keep a schedule and stick to it, your routine with your pet won't get affected and it also shows that he's one of your priorities.

Give them presents

The perfect gift to give your dog are toys. There are a lot of toys today that will keep your dog's attention for a long time. Moreover, their presents don't have to be new, they can be in their existing troy's stay and have it wrapped in a christmas wrapper or even a newspaper.

You can also make Christmas-themed gifts such as biscuits or dog treats so your dog has his special food for this occasion that they will never forget.

Let your furry friend tag along

Bring your out with you whenever you can. He loves to be by your side this season and this is a great way to spend some time with them. Whether you're out on your groceries, picking up your relatives, or even a quick trip to the post office he'll be very excited going along with you.

Calm them down

With the increased activity at your house during this season your dog might be confused or over-stimulated. It is important that you help them calm down. You can give them chew toys to keep them busy and help them relax. You can also isolate them to the crowd for a while until he calms down.

Give them a chance to rest

Christmas time can be quite overwhelming for them as there are lots of people in the house. Don't forget to give your dog a chance to rest and relax in their own space. You can keep your pet bed in the same place as they were but try not to have too much activity in that space.

Safety First

Christmas can be hectic. We are busy looking for the right gifts, cleaning, and even decorating your home. Your dog might not get used to all these changes particularly in their routine. Keep an eye on them and watch for signs of anxiety or nervousness. One of the biggest dangers when they are nervous or anxious is the Christmas decorations as they can stumble it over and can get them electrocuted. Candles and plants such as poinsettia and mistletoe should be kept out of your dog's reach as they might eat it and get poisoned.

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