10 Holiday Foods That Are Dangerous For Pets

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The holiday season is the time of sharing and good will. Which is why we can't help but spoil them with treats and let them have a taste of our favorite dishes. But there are many ingredients commonly used in our holiday dinners that could be harmful to our pets. Since holiday meals vary widely, it is best not to feed our dogs with prepared dishes and steer clear of these particular foods and ingredients.



Some of the desserts and holiday dishes have coffee as one of their main ingredients which can be very fatal to canines.



Chocolate is toxic to dogs because it contains a chemical called theobromine. Humans can easily metabolize theobromine, but dogs process it much slowly, allowing it to build up to toxic levels in their system. Theobromine is also found in caffeine.



We all know that we get alcohol poisoning from taking too much of it. But did you know that alcohol is even more toxic to pets than people. It doesn't take much to cause serious damage that can lead to respiratory problems, tremors, coma and even death. Signs that your pet has consumed alcohol is staggering and decreased reflexes. 

Dairy Products

Milk, cheese, cream, and butter are bad for your pet as they can cause digestive disturbance, and diarrhea that can lead to dehydration. It can also cause allergic reactions in dogs.


Eggnog contains low-fat sugar, raw eggs, milk, and alcohol. None of these ingredients can be good for your pet's health.


Ham and Bacon

Just because ham and bacon are meat, that doesn't mean it is safe for them to consume it. Dishes that contain pork can cause pancreatitis - a life threatening disease in dogs.


Turkey Skin and Bones

Yes, your dogs can eat the white meat of the turkey but make sure it is free from any seasonings. But don't let them eat turkey skin and bones. Turkey skin is high in fat and is difficult for our pets to digest. Turkey bones can become very brittle when cooked and when your pet eats them, it can splinter and puncture their stomach and intestines.



Nuts such as macadamia nuts and pistachio are rich in fat and can cause pancreatitis. Macadamia nuts contain unknown toxins that might result in neurological symptoms. Our pets may have difficulty digesting nuts like pecans and walnuts and these may be large enough to cause intestinal obstruction in animals.



Nutmeg is a spice used in sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and many favorite holiday beverages. In significant amounts, this spice can cause stomach pain, hallucinations, and even seizures in pets.


Grapes and Raisins

Consuming these fruits even in small quantities can cause rapid kidney failure in dogs. In 1989, a computerized toxicity database helped identify grapes and raisins as the cause of sudden kidney failure in dogs. The actual toxin found in raisins and grapes are unidentified, but it is clear that raisin contains a concentrated amount that ingesting just small amounts of it can be fatal to your pet.

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