Why Your Dog Needs an Orthopedic Bed

When we think of orthopedic dog beds, we think of senior dogs as these types of beds are great for their back. While it is true that seniors benefit a lot from these types of beds, lots of dogs of any age can benefit from orthopedic dogs beds.

Dogs sleep for 20 hours a day

Most pet parents don't realize that dogs sleep for up to 20 hours per day. The National Sleep Foundation https://www.sleep.org/how-much-do-dogs-sleep/ mentions that dogs sleep between 12 to 14 hours per day, and puppies will sleep from 18 to 20 hours per day. That's a lot of sleep compared to us humans that only need 8 hours of sleep. That being said, when your dog lays down for most of the day, their bed can easily be worn down. Their joints could also get affected by the intense amount of pressure lying on the hard surface. That's why dogs need orthopedic beds.

What is an orthopedic bed?

Orthopedic dog beds are meant to provide extra support to the dog, especially their hips and elbows. These beds conform to the animal's body evenly; thus, redistributing the weight across the surface of the bed. The benefit is that it relieves the painful pressure points on the dog's joints and hips.

Orthopedic beds are made from memory foam. Memory foams contain viscoelastic materials that molds to the dog's body in response to the heat and pressure, thus, evenly distributing body weight.

Why young dogs need orthopedic beds

Many dog parents are under the impression that dogs don't need an orthopedic bed until they are older and start having joint problems and arthritis. But this kind of thinking can make matters worse for your pet. If your dog is a thin breed, for example, they don't have enough padding under their hips and elbows. The lack of padding can develop calluses in those areas, particularly if you let them sleep on the floor. If your dos breed is often known to experience arthritis, joint pain, or hip dysplasia, they most likely need an orthopedic bed.

Signs your dog needs an orthopedic bed

Getting an orthopedic bed even if they are still puppies, can help prevent arthritis and joint pains. Below are some signs that will make you consider getting an orthopedic bed.

  • Skinny or lean breed
  • Arthritis
  • Joint problems
  • Bone or soft tissue injuries
  • Back or muscle problems
  • Hip dysplasia

If your dog is still a puppy, here are some signs they need an orthopedic bed:

  • Doesn't want to sleep in their regular bed.
  • They find it hard to get in and out of their regular bed.
  • They can't get comfortable in their bed, and they keep changing positions.
  • Have a hard time getting sleep on their regular dog bed.

What to look for in orthopedic dog beds

Size. The bed should be large enough for your dog to stretch its body fully. If your dog has to curl up to sleep in the bed, it puts a lot of pressure in their joints.

Filling. Memory foams are made of one solid piece of foam. It has to be at least 2 inches thick to provide support.

Cover. Removable covers are great as it is easier to clean and can last longer. Covers with waterproof lining at the bottom are excellent in preventing spills from getting into the foam, making the foam last longer.

Design. Orthopedic dog beds are come in flat, round, or can also come in cool designs. If dogs love to lay out flat, then they can benefit from a flat bed. If they like cuddling up against the wall, they can benefit from rounded beds.

Additional features. Since you'll be getting a bed for your pet, why not make it luxurious by choosing covers made of velvet. It's not only for luxury as velvet is comfortable for your pet.

There are many reasons to buy an orthopedic bed for your dog. But what is essential is for your dog to have a bed to sleep on.

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