Benefits Quality Memory Foam Dog Bed and the Need Sofa Durable Sofa Cover

The Benefits of High Quality Memory Foam Dog Bed and the Need Sofa Durable Sofa Cover

The Benefits of High Quality Memory Foam Dog Bed

A memory foam dog bed has a collection of health benefits, especially for older dogs. They can aid with mobility and pain relief to begin with

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Having pets in our lives is a true gift. Yet, sometimes we forget that they feel the same discomforts that humans experience. Anyone who had to sleep in an uncomfortable position will immediately tell you that they had a rough night. Unfortunately, your dogs cannot communicate their discomfort in the same way. 

Getting quality sleep is as important for your dog as it is for you.

This brings us to what an orthopedic dog bed can do for your dog's health. Keep on reading for our full breakdown of what a memory foam dog bed can bring to your dog's wellbeing and the numerous benefits your dog gets to enjoy. 

Memory Foam Dog Bed 101: Does My Dog Even Need It?

We know that on the surface level, an orthopedic dog bed might seem like an unnecessary luxury. But according to the APPA, even if you have a healthy dog, 9 out of 10 dogs will suffer from arthritis and joint pain at some point in their lives. 

If your dog is already having some joint-related issues, then they can truly benefit from having the pressure taken off their legs. In addition, your dog can also benefit from pain relief, especially if they're dealing with hip dysplasia

In the simplest of terms, a memory foam dog bed is designed to mold itself to your dog's body. This way it can fill in all the gaps between their bodies, the bed frame, and the gravity that is pulling them downwards and applying pressure on their joints and bones. 

Furthermore, good-quality memory foam will ensure that all the pressure points are evenly distributed across the surface of the body. Thus, your dog's body will be adequately supported throughout the night. 

Sofa Cover: Support During the Day

We talked a little about dog beds and the need for support during the night. However, what happens during the daytime?

Well, this is where luxury sofa covers come into play. Sofa covers can pick up where your dog's bed left off. In addition, there's a plethora of types and designs that you can choose when it comes to picking a sofa cover. They also protect your sofa from wear and tear from the dogs claws - such as scratches, rips, tears and dog hair that will otherwise be on your sofa. 

Sofa covers are a great way to provide your dog's body the support they need during the day. It also shares all the benefits that dog beds provide to your dog.  

The Health Benefits of Foam Dog Beds

Now that we've covered the basics of why your dog needs a memory foam bed, let's dive into the distinct benefits of having one. 

Preventative Health 

The best medicine is preventative medicine. Taking the proactive steps to keep your dog healthy is key to having a happy senior dog later down the road. 

After all, there's no escaping the fact that as your dog grows older, they'll almost certainly start dealing with afflictions and pains that come with age. 

By providing a memory foam support for your dog in his early years, you can prevent some of the issues that will undoubtedly start cropping up as they grow older. 

Moreover, if your dog is healthy, then they'll be playing and moving around. For instance, they almost certainly will be jumping up and down from things, as well as taking naps on hard surfaces. All of these activities are considered 'wear and tear' on their joints, as such, they'll be adding up as time passes by. 

In addition, if your dog is a working dog, you might have to get them a memory foam as soon as possible. Working dogs will be going through strenuous duties, and their joints will be under pressure to perform. Also, the same idea applies if you have a dog that participates in sports.

Increases Blood Flow in Dogs

Another added benefit of memory foam dog beds or covers is the improved blood flow. 

As we've earlier discusses, memory foam can remove pressure points from the body. As a result, it allows better blood flow, and minimal restriction of blood vessels, in those areas. 

This benefit comes in handy for all dogs, but especially for sporting dogs who rely on good blood flow to help their muscles grow and heal. Nutrient-rich blood will flow into these areas and restore them, which can help prevent muscle injuries from occurring. 

In short, having memory foam bed or sofa covers will aid with speeding up recovery times, in addition to counteracting some of the negative long-term effects that sport can have on your dog's joints.

Eases Aches and Pains

If your dog is a lovely elderly dog, then having a memory foam can ease their daily pains and aches that come from a variety of conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint problems. 

The memory foam gives your dog's muscles and joints the ability to rest in their natural positions all night (and day). 

Provides Pressure Sensitivity

Part of the memory foam's ability to ease aches is due to the specialized foam's molding capabilities. By adjusting to the contours of your dog's body, the memory foam will be able to provide the right amount of pressure to the right areas. 

Therefore, if your dog sustained a new injury and they're trying to not add pressure to the injured area, the memory foam will shift from its previous position to your dog's new position. Thus, providing the right amount of support for the area to heal. 

Ready to Give Your Dog the Best Sleep of Their Lives?

Your dog deserves to have a good night's sleep, and nothing can help with that goal better than a high-quality memory foam dog bed. 

Now, you've learned all about the numerous benefits that memory foam dog beds and sofa covers can bring to your dog's health. Yet, do keep in mind that orthopedic doesn't equal ugly. If you're worried about having a clunky memory foam bed cover, then you should check out our selection of luxury dog beds

Furthermore, you can take a look at our catalog for all things pet luxury. You can also sign up for our newsletter if you want to get the latest updates to all things pets. 

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