8 Ways to Make Your Aging Dog Comfortable

Sometimes we don't want to admit to ourselves our dog is aging. We ignore telltale signs such as a graying muzzle, cloudy eyes, or difficulty getting around. We need to know about the subtle changes in our dog's behavior and be receptive to improve their way of life.

You can do these tips below to make your aging dog more comfortable.

Provide Them With Regular Exercise

Exercise becomes more important as your dog ages, but moderation is the key. Too much exercise and any underlying problems they have can worsen; too little, on the other hand, won't help with muscle development.

Cater to their Aching Joints

A common issue for senior dogs is arthritis. You can help alleviate their pain by providing dog supplements. Orthopedic dog beds provide added support for the muscles, spine, and joints while your dog rests and relaxes.

Provide Better Bed

Many young dogs prefer to lay down on the floor, regardless of how hard the floor is. But as your dog ages, they most likely prefer laying down on orthopedic memory foam beds. The thickness and warmth of these dog beds offer a lot of support for their aging joints.

Keep Your House Warm

Dogs lose hair in large amounts as they get older. The lack of a coat can cause your dog to get chilly. Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature especially in colder winter months.

Give Your Pet Extra Grooming Sessions

Regular grooming is important as they develop more matting with less activity. Senior dogs will need their hair clipped as often as possible and checked to ensure the area is clean.

Watch Their Diet

Senior dogs often have problems chewing, lack appetite, obesity, and having digestive problems. Ask your vet for the best diet plan for your pet. You may have some dietary changes such as adding fiber to aid with digestion or decrease carbohydrates to reduce weight.

Make Sure Their Teeth Are Clean

The teeth of senior dogs become more sensitive and prone to infections. Infected teeth can increase the risk of heart and kidney disease. If you do not take care of their dental health before their teeth while they are still young, they will suffer from loose infected teeth in their senior years.

Consider brushing their teeth with dog toothpaste as a part of their routine care. Using toothpaste or other dental products that can decorate bacteria overload can be helpful to their dental health.

Watch Out For Underlying Health Problems

Physical and behavioral changes in your pet can be a sign of underlying health problems. You need to address any problems you notice by visiting their vet.

Take your dog for a vet checkup at least twice a year. Older pets may need blood tests, dental examinations, and assessments of their overall health. Moreover, some breeds have predispositions toward certain ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and cancer.

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