5 Tips to Make Working From Home with Your Dog Stress-Free

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Going from the office to working from home can be a challenge since you'll not only have a lot of distractions, but it may also be difficult to manage your time well. Being pet parents, the change in routine can affect our dog's daily schedule and can confuse with your availability when you work. Here are some tips you can do to keep you focused while keeping them happy.

Exercise and Feed them Before Going to Work

Before you start working, take your dog around the block, and feed them. Your dog will be tired from the exercise and will likely doze off; thus, you're free to get on with your work without interruptions.

Give your Dog a Separate Space

The best way to make sure your dog isn't interrupting your work and interrupting your workday is to keep them in a separate area. It may be a good idea to have your pet near you when you work, but doing this will show them that they can get their attention whenever they want.

Setting up a separate work area is great for you, your pet, and your work-life balance in general. It makes you feel more like working in an office than at home.

Keep Your Dog Occupied During Virtual Meetings

The biggest concern when working from home is when your dog starts barking during a conference call. Don't be too stressed out about it because distractions also happen in the workplace and oftentimes people will be understanding. Do not scold your dog because they've done something wrong, instead work on training your pet to reduce the chance of interrupting a virtual meeting.

You can also keep your pet occupied while you're on a conference call by giving them toys or frozen foods and separating him or them from the office.

Take Regular and Consistent Doggy Breaks

Working from home takes proper scheduling and time management to be effective. Not only does your boss expect you to be at work on time but your consistent schedule also ensures you are not spending more time than you should. Just because you are working from home, that doesn't mean that you are available 24/7.

Set up work breaks that are specifically meant to spend time with your furry friend. During your doggy breaks, play fetch, go for a walk, or simply cuddle them. The breaks can be scheduled just like coffee breaks at work, but it's certainly more fun than getting breaks at your office.

Do not Give into Your Dog's Demands

Do not give in to your dog's attention-seeking behavior such as whining, barking, pawning, or nudging their head into you. When you respond to these actions, it gives your dog an idea that they can get your attention whenever they want.

When they start to do these attention-seeking behaviors, ignore them. Do not push them away or scold them. Eventually, they'll realize they're not getting what they want and do something else. Once your dog is behaving, you can reward them with treats. This sends them a signal on what they should do while you're working from home.

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