Luxe Pets Products is a Family Business and a Woman Founded Business based in Atlanta, Georgia.

We have manufactured Premium Pet Brands across multiple Markets and Countries for a decade


Growing up and spending summers with our two Dogs occupied us during our childhood whether summer or winter. Our Dogs were considered as one or us (our brother and sister) they were considered as family. These great times with our dogs imprinted fond memories in our hearts and mind that we still remember with nostalgia.


Without a doubt there are a few well-made dog beds and sofa covers out there BUT, they are unsightly – hideous material and bad choice of accessories makes you want to hide your dog bed or covers for your sofas when you have visitors over because not only are they an eyesore, they omit odors and makes your home feel heavy with smell and unpleasant which is very embarrassing.


Luxe Pets set out to makePremium Dog Beds and Sofa Covers that are outstanding not only in quality butLook and Feel. Every Single detail of our Beds and Sofa Covers are well thought out, tested and Fully approved by our in-house Testers – Whisky and Ben.

The Dog beds and sofa covers are put under rigorous testing by these two furry brothers for over a period of over one year before being released on the market.


Our rare, unique and beautiful bold colors and combinations are carefully selected to compliment the beautiful homes they are meant for.


With one of us being a NavyVeteran, we have committed to offering a 20% discount for all products. They include the Military, First Responders and Essential Workers for their dedication and un-parallel commitment to our society.


Our customer feedback is very important to us. We make improvements and upgrades from feedback that we get from our Community of Customers. Negative feedback is taken very seriously, and we pledge to our community of Customers to change any such experience into a positive. We are fully committed to this Promise.


At Luxe Pets …. We Believe Dogs are Family